G21 Perfect Smoothie Acoustic

1'680 W, 32'000 rpm, 2,0L-container made of BPA free Tritan, stepless speed setting, 6 sharp blades.

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Professional blender with noise isolating cover

G21 Perfect Smoothie Acoustic is a multi-functional blender with timer and a practical cover for noise cancelling and container protection. Thanks to its tremendous power, this blender is able to process any kind of food easily and quickly. The noise canceling cover reduces the noise level in the room when the blender is in use. A built-in timer allows to set the blending duration and the blender will turn off automatically. This allows you to use the time of blending for other activities, like preparing ingredients for your next smoothie or preparing the dishes for serving. It is a perfect choice for commercial use in cafes, restaurants and bars but it will also be great for use at home. The cover is made of transparent plastic which allows you to see what is happening inside the blender at all times.

Thanks to the quality blades and powerful motor, the G21 Perfect Smoothie Acoustic can blend all kinds of ingredients very finely. This model has also improved blades and bearings cooling, which results into even less generated heat. In comparison to our first generation blender, the motor of G21 Perfect Smoothie Acoustic also comes with an improved noise isolation. The gears are made of metal and ensure a long service life.

Model G21 Perfect Smoothie Acoustic comes with a 100% BPA free container with a volume of 2 liters which makes it sufficient for mixing bigger pieces of foods without the need to cut them into smaller parts. It is made ​​of a safe and durable material: Tritan Copolyester, which is suitable for use with both hot and cold food. The container material ​​does not absorb the scent or taste of the food, therefore it can be used to prepare homemade soups or sauces without any concerns. It is very important that the container also does not release any substances into your food, as it might be the case with lower quality plastics.

This blender comes with an ergonomic stamper which will help you blend the food faster and a practical lid with top opening that makes it convenient to add food or ingredients during blending.



  • Power: 1 680 W
  • Max RPM: 32 000
  • Color: black
  • Container volume: 2,0 l
  • Container temperature tolerance: -40°C – 120°C
  • Container material: Tritan Copolyester
  • Overheating safety switch
  • Dimensions: 26 x 30 x 51 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Timer: max 5 min.
  • Noise canceling cover
  • 2 + 2 years extended warranty
  • Improved motor cooling

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